Vessel Agency

OBT Shipping Group is the most recognized Agency, covering 24 countries Across AFRICA and is considered one of the leading and most experienced as well as modern companies in AFRICA. The Group are handling all types of vessels calling our ports and any other maritime services that our clients should request.

As some port calls sometimes have challenging conditions, we understand the importance of good communication and our team of experienced, knowledgeable staff will ensure a safe and well-coordinated operation under our agency. Since the founding of the company in 2004 our local presence and experience have given us an excellent relationship with port authorities, customs and immigration, which mean we offer cost effective turn-around on port stays and a professional and diligent communication flow with hands-on supervision, which is our main objectives
OBT Shipping Group provides ship agency services in all maritime categories:
OBT Shipping Group is also one of the only agencies in the region with subsidiaries in marine consulting and are performing all types of surveys, such as cargo, draft, bunker, condition survey, hatch inspection and tally reporting etc.
OBT Shipping Group, Your Preferred Partner In Africa.