Health, Safety, Environment & Quality,

OBT Shipping recognizes its responsibility towards its people and the environment and to providing high quality services. By people, we mean everyone involved in our activities: our own and hired employees, clients, JV partners, subcontractors, suppliers and other parties concerned. By the environment, we mean our role in the responsible use of nature and its resources.

We make no concessions in these areas.

In the general everyday operations of OBT Shipping our constant attention is paid to quality, health, safety and environment (QHSE). This is self-evident and visible. We meet at the industry standards of our various sectors and applicable rules and procedures. Having an unambiguous and recognized reputation in the field of QHSE will have a positive effect on the whole organization.

In order to achieve good QHSE results, while simultaneously guaranteeing continuity and profitability and achieving this in accordance with rules and procedures, OBT Shipping undertakes to ensure the following objectives:

  • Long-term employability: aiming for 0 accidents, increasing safety awareness and preventing injury and absence
  • Being a good employer: realising and preserving a reputation as a good employer
  • Risk-sensitive: recognizing, acknowledging and minimizing risks at source
  • Environmentally aware: minimizing our impact on the environment and preventing environmental damage
  • Excellent (chain) partner: meeting the requirements, wishes and expectations of our clients, JV partners and subcontractors
  • Position as leader: continuously improving the quality of our operational management and service

Each employee has his or her own specific responsibility when executing his or her tasks. In addition, all employees have the right to start or cease activities within the rules and procedures when there is impression reasonable belief that these cannot be carried out in accordance with industrial QHSE requirements. Employees are obliged to report this to their supervisor directly.

We ensure this in all our divisions by:

  • using qualified people for the execution of our activities;
  • using a certified QHSE Management System;
  • setting objectives that are regularly measured, valued and adjusted where necessary;
  • always making the suitable protective working resources available to protect people, material and the environment as much as possible;
  • removing and/or minimizing the risks in our activities so that our employees and other parties concerned are exposed to industrial dangers as little as possible;
  • continuously looking for working methods and/or alternatives with as little environmental impact as possible;
  • communicating our achievements in the field of QHSE openly;
  • creating a culture in which our employees and all other parties concerned dedicate themselves to achieving our QHSE objectives.

Quality Management

Quality is the responsibility of every employee and must be developed and maintained to ensure a successful business venture. OBT Shipping is committed to a policy of continual training and educational programs for all employees. The objective is to build meaningful and general employee involvement, teamwork, and personal satisfaction, resulting in a cooperative effort that produces a quality service or product within the framework of the competitive business market.

Quality Policy

OBT Shipping’s success derives from a policy of providing superior services of unmatched value for clients the world over. It is our Quality Policy to:

  • Continue to build on the established reputation of providing quality services and to continue being a leader in the development of processes and techniques for the vessel Agency, Logistic, Project & Heavy Lift and Stevedoring.
  • Focus on uncompromising quality and consistency of purpose towards continual and measurable quality improvement in all services provided
  • Ensure that overall operations, technical services or products provided to clients are safe, technically superior, highly reliable and easy to operate and maintain
  • Reward individual initiative and resourcefulness and promote independent thought and action in all work efforts
  • Adhere to the stated quality requirements as well as the quality outlined by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 9001-2008 Quality System

Health and Safety

The management of OBT Shipping is committed to ensuring the health and safety of our employees, our customer’s employees, and the general public. We believe that incidents and injuries are preventable, and that a job is only well done if it is done safely. We have documented Quality, Health, Safety and Environmental policies in place, and have a Safety Management System in operation, which is in accordance with the labor laws of the countries in which we operate.

Health & Safety Aims

  • Prevent workplace incidents and injuries
  • Continually improve our health and safety performance
  • Have the best safety performance in the Marine Agency industry, Logistic, Project & Heavy Lift and Stevedoring.
  • Foster a culture in which all employees, partners, contractors and subcontractors share this commitment to health and safety, environmental and quality

Health & Safety Measures

  • Always manage our operations in the safest manner, by recognizing and assessing hazards and applying effective controls
  • Make safe conduct a condition of employment
  • Always comply with health and safety legislation and guidelines
  • Ensure our managers and supervisors provide the tools, supervision, training and resources needed for our employees to work safely
  • Ensure our employees and other staff on the group’s work-sites work safely
  • Involve all employees in our health and safety management system
  • Review our health and safety performance regularly, evaluate performance information and communicate performance to all employees
  • Learn from our experiences to prevent future incidents
  • Ensure that our health and safety management system remains current with industry best practices

Environmental Policy

Our aim is to conduct our business in a manner that protects the environment. Everyone working for OBT Shipping has a responsibility to give their best efforts to achieve this goal. We are committed to doing this through our policy principles.

Consequently, OBT Shipping plans and conducts its operations according to sound environmental principles. I.e. striving to always carry out work in a manner best calculated to minimize any adverse environmental effect, to prevent pollution of any kind, and to actively seek out ways of reducing environmental damage.

Where our operations, our conduct or our experience is subject to specific legislation or regulations, our company will comply fully with all such applicable legislation and regulations, and if possible will exceed the minimum requirements, as this is good business practice. Special attention will be paid to ensure compliance with international conventions and regulations which apply to offshore oil and gas operations.

At OBT Shipping we are committed to reducing the environmental impact of our operations.

To achieve our objective, OBT Shipping employees will, in their daily operations:

  • Ensure compliance with all environmental regulations
  • Promote efficiency and reduce waste across the organization
  • Ensure that environmental awareness is included in its business planning, process improvement and operational disciplines
  • Provide accurate reporting on our environmental performance to the authorities, the community, our shareholders    and employees
  • Invest, wherever appropriate, in an asset base and the systems and processes which reduce energy consumption and minimize carbon emissions