Quality, Health, Safety, & Environment

OBT Shipping Group DMCC and all its subsidiaries (including but not limited to any and all subsidiaries operation and/or trading in accordance with these conditions under “OBT Shipping” and “OBT Logistics”) recognizes its responsibility towards its people and the environment and to providing high quality services. By people, we mean everyone involved in our activities: our own and hired employees, clients, JV partners, subcontractors, suppliers and other parties concerned. By the environment, we mean our role in the responsible use of nature and its resources.

We make no concessions in these areas:

In the general everyday operations of OBT Shipping Group our constant attention is paid to quality, health, safety and environment (QHSE). This is self-evident and visible. We meet at the industry standards of our various sectors and applicable rules and procedures. Having an unambiguous and recognized reputation in the field of QHSE will have a positive effect on the whole organization.

The Success of our business is depending on our approach to this area. It is the responsibility of the Manager and Supervisor to ensure full implemented QHSE in good conduct with the policy we operate under in each area.

Each of us must take all necessary precautions to protect themselves and their colleagues. All Employees have the right and duty to stop work in the face of clear and present danger and to inform their management accordingly

Please download our QHSE Policy