HUB Agency ( Partner Offices )

OBT Shipping Group have developed a strong network of agents in Across Africa where we do not have our own offices, these partner offices have passed our compliance process in order to share our high standards, our independent status and our commitment to customer service in order to be part of the most recognized, experienced and modern Maritime and Logistic Company in AFRICA.

These partner offices is administered and operated from our Operation office in Dubai, this service has achieved outstanding success and our dedicated team now coordinates port calls throughout entire AFRICA for a wide range of new and existing clients / principals and are covering all types shipping activities.

As some port calls sometimes have challenging conditions, we understand the importance of good communication and our team of experienced, knowledgeable staff will ensure to organize vessel clearance formalities and co-ordinate with local customs, immigration, port health and port authorities on your behalf. Our excellent relationship with these authorities allow us to turn your vessels around quickly and efficiently like in our own operated countries, as we aim to give the same service towards you, like experienced in all the other countries already covered by our own offices.

Unlike other “ global ” agencies, we do not use or promote a unique “ IT solution ” as a basis for communication of our service, as we believe clients know their own business and do not need us to provide a communications system for them. As such, our ethos is to simply use our local knowhow and expertise in the region and the ports, under our coverage, to ensure assisting you through any successful port calls, operational deployments or any other services.

The entire port call management process is simplified as we strive to work in your favor by being an extended arm of your operations, we know that the shipping industry is hectic and owners / operators have limited time, therefore we are focusing on optimizing communication, saving time and improve cost. We offer a single 24/7 contact for operational, financial and accounting matters, and utilize our agency capabilities to offer top-down control of cost and service levels. , we would like to make it easy with our one point of contact philosophy, which covers all ports in AFRICA.