OBT Logistics is the licensed logistics division of OBT Shipping Group, which serves the entire logistic sector in our covering countries and offers a wide range of solutions for project cargo, mining, oil & gas, energy & infrastructure, exhibition goods, commercial cargo, ship’s spares in transit, door to door services, temporary imports and LCL either by air, sea, road, including all types of transit cargoes to Mali, Burkina Faso, Niger, Chad and Central African Republic. We will deliver solutions that maximize efficiency and minimize your cost but still ensure that your cargo is handled efficiently and safely as per our QHSE Policy
OBT Logistics can arrange for clients’ own warehouses or offer any tailored storage solutions for any cargo, should it be incoming, outgoing, unloading, palletizing cargo and quality assessment for in / outgoing goods as well as inspection and registration, in order to integrate into your and your clients entire supply chain.

Project Cargo & Heavy lift

Due to our many years of local presence and experience, we can offer any specialized solution in heavy transport and offer the best expertise and service according to our customers’ needs. In West and Central Africa, the local infrastructure always proves a challenge. In this field OBT Shipping Group is known for a high level of operational skills.
OBT Shipping Group is one out of a limited number of transport service providers that expedite domestic ocean, air and international movements of oversized cargo. We offer professional solutions for handling oversized and heavy cargo from our ports to any local delivery site or to any worldwide destination via our many partners. All in all, we can offer a tailormade door-to-door solution at any given time. We operate in a dynamic and sometimes turbulent region of the world and one thing is for sure, problems will always occur. But, we have nearly two decades of local presence, partnerships and experience to solve them, in order to provide the fastest, safest, and most economical method of moving your goods in any given scenario.
Any cargo that is too large, too specialized or just too tricky for regular transport, needs a skilled team that knows the pitfalls, and understand what is needed in order to ensure a smooth and expeditious transit of any types of cargo. We are therefore proud to present one of our many projects given to us by our many clients, this project in Banjul, The Gambia was awarded to us by Wärtsilä Corporation, Enjoy!
OBT Logistics is known for their high level of operational skills, every day around the clock, our dedicated staff carries out demanding projects with great flexibility, creativity and a determination to deliver on time and at agreed price.

We don’t believe in problems, we believe in challenges, give us a challenge and we will solve it!
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