Cruise Agency

The global cruise industry in AFRICA and particularly in West and Central Africa is growing rapidly. For several years the cruise industry has been the fastest growing segment within tourism in our region and has much to offer in terms of nature, culture and history with exiting traces to the colonial era. OBT Shipping Group was the pioneers in Sierra Leone and Liberia and are today the leading cruise agency in West and Central Africa. OBT Shipping Group have its own dedicated cruise agency departments in Gambia, Guinea, Sierra Leone, Liberia, Ghana, Cameroun and Mauritius, which has become a popular and important to the cruise industry. OBT Shipping Group are following the IMO MARPOL regulations and will take care of all planning and operational matters, we can even tailormade each visit if required. We also offer appropriate security, providing trained and certified guards if found necessary or arrange a secured area in the port. We know West and Central Africa and we are committed to our countries, and together with our customers in the cruise industry, and our partners we strive to develop attractive and innovative business opportunities in the region, on a continuously basis.